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Misdemeanor Charges: When to Call a Lawyer and What to Expect

Misdemeanor Charges - When to Call a Lawyer and What to Expect - Smith Johnson Law PLLC Volusia County

Life tosses balls in the air from time to time and on occasions, they come down as misdemeanors. Although these offenses are not as severe as felonies, they can still have serious implications. In Volusia County, Florida, even what appears to be a minor infraction can result in large fines (averaging $1,200 per the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s 2023 study), community service hours, or driver’s license suspension. One could also face up to one year in jail. Do not take misdemeanor charges lightly!

This article will cover when to contact a Misdemeanor Defense Attorney in Volusia County and what happens throughout the legal process.

Fun Fact: The world’s first recorded lawyer, Ur-Nammu, practiced over 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia. Imagine trying to find a good defense strategy on clay tablets!


When Should I Call a Misdemeanor Lawyer in Volusia County?

Some cases seem cut-and-dry but there are several situations where seeking legal representation would be highly recommended:

– Unfamiliarity with Legal System: The legal system is complex and can be confusing, especially for those who haven’t dealt with it before. A Misdemeanor Attorney knows their way around Volusia County courts so they will see to it that all your rights are protected and represent you effectively at trial.
– Severity of Charges: Some people think small fry crimes like petty theft or disorderly conduct won’t come back to bite them later – nothing could be further from reality! A Misdemeanor Defense Attorney can evaluate how these charges might affect your job(s), professional licenses, or standing among peers.
– Potential Jail Time: Even just a few months behind bars could wreak havoc on someone’s life. That being said though there is always hope – sometimes all an accused person needs is an aggressive fight by their side…another reason why hiring such aggressive counsel might not hurt at this point either! They may push for reduced charges heavily or even seek alternative sentencing options altogether which could help you big-time too!
– Complex Case Factors: If there are any unique aspects about your case, disputes over testimony from witnesses, or even potential civil rights violations then a Misdemeanor Defense Attorney could put together a plan of attack that would most likely give you better odds for success.
– Multiple Allegations: Getting slapped with many misdemeanor charges at once only raises the stakes. A Misdemeanor Lawyer can try to work out deals (e.g., plea bargains) or get you into diversion programs to soften the blow across the board.

With that said however it should be noted again – hire an attorney! A Misdemeanor Attorney is someone who can be trusted implicitly during such trying times as these because they know what needs doing and will fight tooth-and-nail for every ounce of fairness owed under our system’s laws until justice prevails in your favor always!

What Can I Expect When Hiring a Misdemeanor Lawyer in Volusia County?

Your initial consultation with a Misdemeanor Defense Attorney is key. Here’s what’ll go down during this meeting:

– Reviewing Your Case: An attorney goes through all relevant facts surrounding an arrest; charges filed against their client(s), possible defenses available based on evidence presented, etc, so tell them everything don’t hold back anything just lay it all out there!
– Legal Strategies: Advice provided by counsel may include taking matters before the judge/jury; seeking reduction or dismissal of charges; working out a plea agreement where the accused pleads guilty but to a lesser offense(s); arguing for a change in venue due to pretrial publicity among others.
– Communication & Payment Terms: Let the lawyer know how best to reach you – phone, email, office visits etcetera plus agree on fee structures upfront. Ethical attorneys won’t mind going into details about costs associated with representation either so ask away if need be.

Afterward, these are some things that your Misdemeanor Attorney will take care of:

– Court Appearance(s): The attorney represents the client during various court proceedings thus ensuring due process is followed while also looking out for the accused person’s best interests at critical stages like plea bargaining or trial.
– Gathering Evidence: A lawyer will look into the charges against you and gather evidence to support your defense, such as talking to witnesses, reading police records, or asking the prosecutor for evidence.
– Communication and Updates: Your lawyer will tell you about any changes in your case and answer your questions at every step.

Did You Know? In ancient Rome, lawyers were forbidden from taking fees. Talk about pro bono work!


You’re Not Alone: Take Control of Your Situation

Being charged with a misdemeanor can be very stressful. Here are some steps you can take to help protect yourself:

– Collect Important Papers: Keep papers that prove where you live, work, or go to school; show that you have good character; or support your side of the story.
– Stay Out of Trouble: Don’t get arrested again while waiting for court!
– Be Aware: Stay in touch with your Misdemeanor Lawyer regularly.

Knowing what rights you have, finding a good Misdemeanor Defense Attorney to help guide you through this time, and taking action can all make it easier for you to get over this obstacle in your life and move towards better times.

If someone is accused of a misdemeanor crime in Volusia County Florida then they should call us today! At our law firm, we have many experienced attorneys who specialize only in misdemeanors! We promise to do everything we can within ethical bounds so as not to violate anyone’s legal protections while still providing zealous advocacy on behalf of our clients who deserve nothing but justice served right according to their own unique circumstances!

Fun Fact: Always dress to impress for court. Think of it as a job interview where the job is avoiding jail time.


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