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Areas Of Practice


Has your child or a child you know been arrested or had contact with Law Enforcement? Facing the possibility of the state filing a petition alleging delinquent acts?


Battery Domestic Violence Battery, Assault, DUI, Possession of Marijuana Under 20 Grams, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Driving While License Suspended, Trespass, and more.


Felony crimes are the most serious class of criminal offenses. Felony offenses are generally violent crimes punishable by a jail sentence of more than one year. A felony prison sentence is usually served in a federal or state prison rather than a county jail.

Expungements & Sealing

Depending on the disposition of your criminal case, your prior criminal history, and the type of charge, you may be eligible to have the case sealed or expunged and most documents related to the arrest destroyed.

Violations Of Probation

Misdemeanor and felony probation violations both substantive and technical violations.

Bond Hearing

Needing a bond or bond reduction on a misdemeanor, felony, or violation of probation case? Charged with a drug sale and or trafficking offense and have a Nebbia hold on your bond?


Have you been served with a petition for injunction? Is the petition for domestic violence and or stalking?

smith johnson attorney Criminal Appeals​​

Criminal Appeal

Has your case closed, and final judgement and sentence pronounced? Are there identifiable issues in the case you believe have been preserved for appeal?