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Alexander J. Smith-Johnson, Esq was born and raised in Harlem, New York City.  He attended Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx Borough of New York City.  While in High School, Alex first developed his appreciation for public speaking and oratory.  Thriving in public speaking and presentation competitions was an early love for Alex as he began to formulate the plans and aspirations that would guide his young life.

After graduating High School, Alex took his talents to Norfolk State University located in Norfolk, Va.  While there, Alex developed his love for leadership and honed the professional skills and demeanor that laid foundation for the attorney he is today.  Leadership roles such as Resident Advisor, Chapter Vice-President, and State Vice-President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc outline but a portion of the social affiliations Alex invested time into while attending college.  In May of 2009, Alex received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and decided to pursue a career in the law.


In Fall 2010, Alex enrolled in the FAMU College of Law.  It was during law school that the concept of criminal law was first introduced to Alex, and it would prove to be a life-altering revelation.  Alex immediately became consumed with the nuances of criminal law which became an undying ambition for the rest of his years in law school.  Alex would go on to complete two legal internships during law school.  Dedicating two summers to work in the Newport News District Attorneys Office located in Newport News, Va. and the Special Narcotics Prosecutors Office located in Brooklyn New York.  During these internships, Alex would gain a perspective that would ultimately dictate his legal career.  Alex began to look at criminal law from the eyes of those accused and it was at that moment he promised to dedicate all his labor and ability to labor defending those unable to defend themselves in the judicial system.

After Graduating from FAMU College of Law in 2013, Alex passed the July 2013 Florida Bar Exam and accepted a job as an Assistant Public Defender in the 7th Judicial Circuit.  Alex began at the misdemeanor level, defending cases such as battery, marijuana possession, passion of paraphernalia, and DUIs.  As a misdemeanor attorney, Alex won eighteen of twenty trials and accumulated the highest win percentage in the 7th Circuit.  Alex sat second-chair on two felony trials while still only at the misdemeanor level and was also able to aid in the acquittal of two felony defendants facing first degree felony counts at trial.  Alex was also awarded the Best Advocate award at the 2015 statewide Public Defenders College. With over five years dedicated service in the Public Defenders Office, over six hundred cases resolved, and over forty jury trials participated, Alex remains ever eager for the challenges presented in the realm of criminal law and remains supremely focused on improving his abilities and being an even greater resource to those most in need of legal help.

Alex has never forgotten his roots and uses his journey as a daily reminder of his purpose in life.  Alex lives his life by the ethic of hard work and dedication and continues to dedicate himself to his craft years after his career started.  Alex believes in being sharp, smart, and sincere in his approach to the law and wants to ensure that each client gets the absolute best representation and ability he has to offer.

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